Featured Painting: Garden Ornament


I did not inherit my mom's green thumb, (which she got from my grandmother, but then it skipped me ;-), but I still dream of having a beautiful garden someday.  And I love dragonflies.  And I have several huge Pinterest boards centered on my dreams of a beautiful, tranquil backyard with several garden areas: "Outdoor Spaces", "Landscape Redo," "Birds," "Curb Appeal"...The photos I have found to pin to these boards definitely show the places of dreams.

This painting is from when I was painting exclusively in oils.  It held a special place of honor in my dining room for many years, but now I am ready to let it go to a new owner.  I think it will bring great joy to its new home.

Painting flowers and outdoor scenery brings me great joy.  These subjects lend themselves so well to my love of and passion for painting in bright, happy colors.  The golden color of these black-eyed susans makes you almost feel the sun on your face.

Do you dream of beautiful outdoor spaces as well?  If you have some favorite photos, I would love to see them.


Thanks for reading!