Featured Painting: "Dakota" or "A Girl's Love for Horses"

I painted "Dakota" as part of my Strength & Innocence series, which features my paintings of large animals - horses, elk, deer, moose and cows.  These animals represent for me such strength, and also innocence.  I am always amazed seeing deer all over the area where I live, in the suburbs, on the cusp of urban and rural.  They seem so innocent and unaware of the dangers encroaching upon them.  (I am far too aware, and am terrified at dusk that one will dart out in front of my car.  Better to stay home in the studio with a glass of wine ;-). We also have bear, coyote, and fox sightings in my area.  So far I have managed to avoid the bear, thank goodness!!!

Of all these large animals, horses are definitely my favorite!!!  To me, they always have held such wonder.   They are so beautiful and so strong.  I used to ride when I was younger, every chance I had, and now, as an adult, I am too terrified to ride.  I guess I have lost much of my own innocence, or maybe now, with a family of my own, there is just too much to lose in getting injured, or worse.  (OR, maybe I just need a guide who isn't going to tell me I will be killed if I, God forbid, let my horse eat while I am riding... But that is a story for another day ;-0)

Do you have a favorite subject to paint?  I would love to hear about what you paint and the inspiration behind it.

Thanks for reading!